Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why I Use My MIddle Initial

It's my goal to become a well-known author. And a software designer, and an inventor. We'll leave it at author.

Just like anyone who's serious about their long-term goals, though, I thought ahead. What would that be like? What would it entail? Is an available domain?

No, it's not available. It's parked, and it says it's under construction. It's said that for a while now.

I then googled my name, and that's when I discovered Kevin Bridges.

That's not me, but he was given the same life username as me, and, being that he's younger than me, I believe he stole it.

Kevin Bridges is a Scottish stand-up comedian, so it's not quite as bad as if I'd been born with the name Brad Pitt, or Woody Harrelson. Still, if a novel comes out, and it's by Kevin Bridges, Scottish people (my core audience) are going to be saying, "Oh, that comedian wrote a novel. I bet it's funny." Only confusion could come of this.

So, rather than Kevin Bridges, which I've been my whole life, I am Kevin R. Bridges. My insistence in using my middle initial almost makes Kevin R. Bridges my pen name, even though it's my birth name.

Another complication: I've always wanted to try stand-up comedy. But I fear there is only enough room in the world for one stand-up comedy Kevin Bridges.

edit: It's not entirely pertinent, but I'm part Scottish.

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