Sunday, January 30, 2011

About Psychedelic Mushrooms

This is a public service announcement. About psychedelic mushrooms. Not for the sake of telling you to avoid them, or to seek them out, but simply to inform.

I'm a fairly mild person, something of a geek, and have now experienced the high from mushrooms three times, at different levels, and in different situations. Mushrooms, like all illegal drugs (and many legal ones) have many stereotypes and misconceptions attached to them. I want to share my limited experience in order to give understanding to those that are interested in the way the mind works, but not willing to become a guinea pig.

My interest in psychotropics came on quite spontaneously one day, when I realized that there were very interesting experiences right there within my reach. It wasn't a wish to escape reality, and if I did have a desire to escape, I don't think I would use mushrooms to do it. Alcohol is right down the street, and marijuana is pretty easy to come by.  I've found that I don't really enjoy either of those distractions (though a drink every now and then can be nice), and I do enjoy day-to-day life just fine.

I researched for days before I told anyone about my intentions. I read about the differences between LSD and mushrooms, the chemical that causes the reaction, and the different species of mushroom that contain that chemical. I read people's experiences at, news articles, and scientific papers.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Secret Shopping in 7 Steps

I thought I'd give a general overview of the secret shopping thing, because I always get so many questions about it.  I'll do it step-by-step.

Step 1: Sign up as a secret shopper.  It's free, just a tiny bit more involved than signing up for an email.  There are a lot of companies that do this (google "secret shopper" or "mystery shopper" to find them).  Don't ever pay a website for any kind of subscription.  This is something that, at least signup-wise, is completely free.  They may ask for a lot of information, like your gender, if you own a car, if you travel, which is simply so they can target you for different shops, like at a lingerie store, auto shop, or an airport.  Most secret shopping places will give you access to a current list of shops in your area, but it's easier just to have them emailed to you.

Sign up at several websites, since any one of them may send you only one or two emails a week, depending on where you live.  Since it's free, even if you sign up for fifteen, $0.00 x 15 = $0.00, which is a bargain.